A Contemporary style of Japanese Folk Music Group
  "Minyo Station"

Minyo Station presents "the new contemporary style of Japanese folk music" and offers a totally "UNIQUE" sound.

"Minyo Station's music and their performance brought such a joy to our audience's ears and eyes. 
The musicians' incredible talents, combined with their strong commitment to engaging the audience through their own music created an enjoyable, energetic concert where every single audience member, regardless of his or her age, was able to appreciate and learn more about Japanese traditional music.
Minyo Station is one of a kind, especially, because they blend Japanese traditional music, Minyo, with various genres of Western music. This brilliant fusion captures the audience's attention and invites everyone to the moments of enchantment."
   By  Claire Kim-Shin, Senior Music Program Coordinator, Los Angeles County Museum of Art(LACMA) 

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Live @ LACMA

Live @ Pacific Asia Museum
                                                                                            "Lullaby of Takeda"
Photo by Geovani Aleksandr