A Contemporary style of Japanese Folk Music Group
  "Minyo Station"

About  "Minyo Station"

Our mission is to embrace the Japanese traditional root music, "Minyo" and to continuously move forward, sharing our music so that we can all learn more about Culture, the Tradition & Daily Lives of its Ancestors, and its Beauty.

The group, led by jazz guitarist, Yu Ooka, blends the "Minyo" with various contemporary genres.

Minyo has been a very important part of Japanese culture for centuries.
The group features traditionally trained vocals and instruments combined with western instruments to emphasize the various melodies and expand the many rhythms.

Marisa Kosugi / Vocal ......
was born in Berkeley, Ca.  She is the daughter of Minyo legend, Madame Matsutoyo Sato who is one of the pioneers in bringing Minyo to the United States.  Marisa apprenticed under Japan’s renowned Minyo singer, Madame Makiko Kosugi to learn the traditional style of the Japanese culture and arts.  She apprenticed for d3-years learning the language and etiquette so she would have the capability to assist her mother and continue to share Minyo with others.

Natsu ‘Summer’ Matsutoyo / Vocal ...... 
studied Minyo as a child in Japan.  She studied under Madame Akemi Yoshida and performed throughout Japan.  After moving to the United States, Natsu felt a desire to continue her studies in Minyo and became a member of Matsutoyo Kai.  She received her professional name by Madame Matsutoyo Sato in 2012 and continues to share her love of Minyo.  Natsu also performs Japanese Classical dance and is learning how to play both shamisen and koto. 

Zan Matsutoyo / Shamisen ......
was born in Kakogawa, Japan.  He began playing the shamisen with Matsutoyo-Kai in 1999 that led him to form an ensemble, Kocho Gumi, playing at live music venues in Los Angeles.  He received his professional name in 2003 and master instructor certificate in 2005 and is currently teaching the shamisen in the South Bay area.  To expand his passion with the shamisen, he is currently learning Nagauta and Yamatogaku.   

Miki Matsutoyo / Shamisen......
 has been a part of the Japanese performing arts community and has performed throughout Southern and Northern California since she was a child.  She is classically trained and has earned professional titles in Japanese Dance (Buyo) and Shamisen (Nagauta and Minyo).  Miki is currently the core shamisen player for Fusion Minyo band, Minyo Station.

They have performed extensively throughout Southern California and in San Francisco, to multi-cultural, enthusiastic audiences, both young and old.

Kimo Cornwell: Keyboard(from "HIROSHIMA")

MinyoStationAdvisor: MatsutoyoSato of MatsutoyoKai est. 1966

"This project is supported, in part, by the Los Angleles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angleles County Arts Commission.

Non-Profit Organization 501(c)(3)